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Dawit in London

About Me

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, my passion for art started as a child. Ever since, I have been a part of the professional art scene for over 12 years. From the social issues I raise through my art to the cross-medium experiments I have been engaging in, my work had been showcased in numerous venues and locations across the globe, including: Trade Roots, Kirstin Hjellegerde, London; Cutlog Art Fair, Paris; Al Bastakiya Art Fair, Dubai; East Africa Art Biennale, Tanzania; and the East African Encounters by Circle Art, in Nairobi. Moreover, my work is part of the permanent collection at Saatchi art gallery of London where I also held a feature exhibition.

My Inspirations

My inspirations come from the stories, fleeting moments, social, political and human-technology interactions – be them constructive or destructive – which, in turn I reflect on in my art by posing them as questions. A sort of social criticism, if you will, my senses and artist’s instincts are drawn to that which I can experiment with, and then process into works of art that I hope will draw questions in myself, as well as society in general.

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